Partner and Family Visas(dependant children of partners) are available for applicants wishing to join their partner or spouse in the UK, who is an existing British citizen or holds settled status within the UK.
In addition it maybe possible to apply as the family member of a person with limited leave to remain


This visa route is available to applicants wishing to reside in the UK to continue their family life alongside their partner or spouse.

Applicants may be granted a visa for a period of 2.5 years, with an extension option available for a further 2.5 years. Applicants will become eligible to apply for citizenship after the completion of 5 years continuous UK residence through the Partner and Family Visa route.


Applicants under this visa route who may be defined as a partner include:

Spouse of the existing UK resident
Civil partner of the existing UK resident
Fiancé(ée) or proposed civil partner of the existing UK resident
An applicant who has been living in domestic partnership with the existing UK resident in a relationship as if in a marriage or civil partnership for a minimum period of 2 years prior to the application date
dependant children of the applicant


In order to apply for this visa route, the key criteria is to be able to demonstrate the genuineness of the relationship between the applicant and the existing UK resident with whom they intend to live whilst in the UK. Should the applicant not be married to the existing UK resident, they will need to be able to provide documentation in order to evidence and support their relationship and status for the minimum 2 years prior to the application date.

Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of the English language and have provision for adequate accommodation.
they must also be able to demonstrate adequate income for the maintenance requirements unless they have an exemption based on eligibly to certain benefits such as carers allowance.