The EU/EEA Family Permit application route is available to immediate family members of EEA nationals, who hold either settled or pre-settled status in the UK, through the EU Settlement Scheme.

The EEA Family Permit application route is available to any family members of EEA nationals residing in the UK and exercising Treaty rights. The purpose of this category is to allow applications to be made from family members and extended family members as well as eligible under the EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit. Eligible relations include spouses, partners, dependent parents and children, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.


Both permit routes are valid for a 6-month period. Permit holders may apply for pre-settled status on arrival in the UK through the EU Settlement Scheme. Applications for the EEA Family Permit must be made in advance of arrival in the UK.


Should the EEA national be residing in the UK as a student, the applicant must be either a spouse, civil partner or dependent child of either the EEA national, or their spouse or civil partner. If the applicant is otherwise related to the EEA national, they must apply as an extended family member.

Examples of extended family members:

Aunts or uncles
Nephews or nieces


Eligible extended family members must either be dependent on the EEA national, be a member of their household, or have a health condition of a level of seriousness that they rely on the EEA national to provide care for them.

Should the applicant be the partner of the EEA national outside of marriage, they must demonstrate the durability of their relationship, usually over 2 years of cohabitation or of they have a child together.


Applicants must be either an family member (FM) or extended family member (EFM) of the EEA national, and be able to evidence this relationship
The EEA national must either already be in residence in the UK and be exercising treaty rights or be on route UK alongside the applicant within 6 months of the application date for the EEA Family Permit
Should the EEA national have been resident in the UK for over 3 months, they must either hold a Permanent Residence document, or be considered a qualified person; i.e. be employed, self-employed, a student or be otherwise self-sufficient